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Christopher Opoka

Juba Monitor newspaper/Freelancer
Managing Editor
Utrecht, Nederland
Opoka Christopher –Journalist. Writer. Activist. Born in what was then Southern Sudan; he spent his early childhood in refugee camps across northern Uganda (1990-1995). Educated through Catholic church scholarship –he holds a diploma in Journalism.
Started his journalism career with Juba Post in 2006, where he was editor and trainer. He was among many journalists who covered the Juba Peace Talks between the Lord’s Resistence Army rebels of Joseph Kony and the Uganda government –for the Institute for War and Peace Reporting.
Away from journalism; Opoka worked for several USAID, DFID and NPA projects; including BearingPoint, Deloitte, Education Development Center, Adam Smith International, Safer World, Crisis Management Initiative. He has done consulting for UNICEF, International Resources Group, Global Transitions and Development among others.
His experiences advising the Southern Sudan Anti-Corruption Commission provided impetus for return to active journalism.
He provided leadership in drafting and adoption of Communications Strategy for the Anti-Corruption Strategy and Action Plan document; a document that was shelved, like all other beautifully crafted documents including the Transitional Constitution.
Opoka participated in an African Union project involving International Federation of Journalists and Eastern Africa Journalists Association; that sought to develop a training manual for investigative journalists in the region.
He is also a recipient of the Finance Uncovered program at City University London; as well as the Petroleum Industry Environmental Management program of the Norwegian Petroleum Academy and Justice Africa.
With the help of Justice and Peace Organization, Opoka was able to come to the Netherlands as a Shelter City guest. He since sought asylum after the program; and has been granted asylum. He continues to participate in financial and human rights abuse related investigative projects on South Sudan; as well as helping to coordinate rescue and relocation of journalism colleagues.
Opoka currently resides in Utrecht, the Netherlands.